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1872 (December): Michael Farrad is hanged for treason after circulating an essay which harshly critized the NWC government for trading human rights for state's rights. A protest at his hanging erupts into a riot and then a battle. This is regarded as the start of the Farite Revolutionary War.

1873 (August): Simon Sterne travels the the Northwest Confederacy to join the revolution and to sell his vision of democratic representation.

1873 (October): Northwest Confederacy forces identify the town of Kuna as a communications hub and training center for revolutionary forces. The town is pillaged and burned by NWC forces. When word reaches neighboring towns and cities food and supplies are sent to help the town recover.

1873 (November): At a large meeting of revolutionaries and sympathizers in the town of Kuna, Simon Sterne makes a famous speech which unifies the people with a common vision - a vision called the Free American Republic. When it gets dark, candles are distributed by a local sculptor. The candles are made from casting wax, since the ordinary candles were lost in the fire. A poet writes about the sight of the people gathered together with green candles. Her poem eventually leads to the tradition of Farite communities gathering each year with green candles on Consitution Day. Each year, FAR celebrates and talks together about how the country can be changed for the better, just as on that night in Kuna.

1873 (December): The Farites take control of Idaho.

1874 (January): The Farites take control of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

1874 (February): The Free American Republic declares victory.