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Formation of the Lone Star Republic (LSR)

   * Many are unhappy with CSA brutality & abuses after the Confederate Revelution.
   * Sam Houston makes a deal with USA president George McClellan.
         o LSR withdraws from CSA.
         o LSR gives up slavery.
         o USA keeps pressure on CSA northern border in case there is conflict.
   * Sam Houston forms a treaty with many of the Indian nations.
         o Near sovereignty for the Lone Star Indian Territories (LSIT.)
               + Council of Chiefs (CoC) holds veto power over laws within LSIT.
               + CoC can pass legislature within LSIT.
               + CoC can submit legislature withing LSR.
         o Indians will help defend LSIT and LSR.
   * Sam Houston organizes enough political support to break Texas away from the CSA.
         o In February 1866, Sam Houston becomes first president of LSR.
         o Military actions by the Northwest Confederacy (NWC) are rebuffed by Indians.
               + Their defense of the LSR gains them respect by many.
         o Despite some friction, no major action by CSA.
               + Partially becuase of thinking that Texas had the right to secede.
               + Partially because of USA pressure on northern border.

Presidency of the LSR

   * The president serves a 5-year term.
   * A president can not succeed himself.

Politics in the LSR

   * 2 major political parties:
         o Free Soil Party: socially moderate-permissive, fiscally permissive.
         o Labor Party: socially moderate, fiscally restrictive