Errata in Trask's Historical Linguistics

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These errata found in Millar's 3rd edition of Trask's Historical Linguistics were mostly identified by Jonathan Washington and his students in LING 052 in the fall of 2016.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • p. 16, "...who speak different languages. This is true today..."
  • p. 18, "originally meaning ‘army-ford’"
  • p. 35, "mëdvedev" isn't the Russian word for bear, медведь [mʲɪdˈʋʲɛdʲ] is.

Chapter 4

  • p. 72, The paragraph ending in "before nasals" is missing a "." at the end.
  • p. 84, The plural of Yiddish tog "day" is teg, not toge