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== Websites ==
== Websites ==
* Old Turkic Documents Online Database, like [http://otdo.aa.tufs.ac.jp/index.cgi?page=Publications OTDO]
* Online Database of Early Turkic Documents / Turkic Text Project, like [http://otdo.aa.tufs.ac.jp/index.cgi?page=Publications OTDO], [http://ctext.org Chinese Text Project], similar scope as [http://irq.kaznpu.kz/?lang=e TURK BITIG]?
* An open version of [http://wals.info WALS] - [[OHM|ideas here]]
* An open version of [http://wals.info WALS] - [[OHM|ideas here]]

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This is just a list of programming projects I'm working on or would like to work on given the time. If anyone is interested in learning more about these projects, contact me.


Stand-alone software

  • Trōhēnnu — A database that stores, tracks, and derives phonetic change data for n languages. This is useful for people doing historical reconstruction work, conlanguers (doing the same), and other people trying to maintain diachronic linguistic (phonetic and bits of phonological, for now) data.
  • A program that compiles wiki entries into <math>L^{A}T_{E}X</math> articles.
  • linggoogle — A script that tells a web browser to open google searches for lots of permutations of a search. Useful for linguistic research.
  • A script that generates visualised charts that track the progress of the smooth english of Conlang Relays, similar to the history flow for wikis, developped by the IBM Watson Research Center.
  • A web front-end for pplayer, using XMLHttpRequest Objects, like so. This, as well as some of the XMLRPC function plugins are being worked on by me.