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The purpose of this page is to collect ideas and discussion about the plan for ACES to sell t-shirts to raise funds. Further brainstorming is needed, and discussion is good; feel free to add stuff!

Old SWSEEL shirts

  • Kazakh:
    • Оқы, оқы, тағы оқы
    • Қыз қуу
    • Michael's
  • Georgian:
    • "Learn Georgian" + "Screw it all, I'm gonna move to the mountains and raise sheep"
  • Romanian
    • Equipa Romana
  • ...

New ideas

  • "Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University" written in a bunch of Central Eurasian languages
  • "My other home is made of felt" + picture of yurt
  • "My other car is a Lada" + picture of Lada
  • "How real men get to work" + picture of horse

Random map ideas

  • Kyrgyz dialect map
  • Timur's empire
  • The Mongol conquest of Eurasia

Other ideas

  • Main stuff on back, CEUS logo (??) on front