Errata in Language Files 10

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See also Errata in Language Files 11.

These errata found in Language Files 10 were collected over the summer of 2007 by Jonathan Washington and his students in Ling 200.

Chapter 2

  • p. 89
    • gap in velo-pharyngeal port for production of [t], making it look slightly nasalised
    • not numbered
  • p. 91
    • 14.b. [ʌ] not considered back by LF, so no "right answer"
  • p. 92
    • nʌθɪŋnɛs → nʌθɪŋnɪs
    • ðent → ði ænt

Chapter 3

  • p. 136, ex. 10
    • Avoid at all costs. Parts a. and b. are impossible given
      • (a.) students' understanding of rule writing (limited understanding) and syllabic structure (no understanding)
      • (b.) bad data (/kæptɻ̩/ should probably be /kæptjɻ̩/ and /vɪsiən/ would be better as /vɪsjən/); note that /kæptɻ̩/ is "capter", not "capture"
      • and the general issue that they're not ever just given underlying forms in other problems, so it can confuse them to no end

Chapter 4

  • p. 176, ex. 2
    • "what kind of affix is used": students don't realise this is asking for prefix or suffix
    • 'bicycle' is a bad example, since it's so lexicalised; about half of the students seem to want to break it apart and the other half don't.
  • p. 177, ex. 4, g.
    • 'ducky' can have two meanings: duck-like, or duck (diminutive). The book obviously expects it to mean the latter, but when it means the former, it gets grouped with 'thrifty' and 'lucky' and students are confused.

Chapter 5

  • No adjective phrases!