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The following things need to be done to the Pii Rules page:

  1. Standardise capitalisation
    • We will preferably have little to none, and replace it with bold text most of the time.
  2. Fix section headings
    • Section headings should not be capitalised or have their own numbers
  3. Separate out sections?
    • It might be wise to have the different sections be different pages. If so, they should be made in the form of the to-do list—i.e., their titles should be Pii_Rules/Clans, for example
  4. Reformat lists and other markup so it looks better
  5. Links to clan pages
    • Clan wikipages should be titled like so: Planet_Pii/Tiger_clan
  6. Fix existing links?

Other tasks that need to be done:

  1. Make a "Planet Pii" wiki category and perhaps have subcategories, like "Clans", etc.
  2. Import the maps to the wiki, and make them look nice.

Don't forget!

  • Please strike through any completed tasks.