Turkic words in Yiddish

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The orthography used to represent Turkic languages on this page is a phonemic system based on Turkish orthography.
This is done to avoid focusing on the phonetic differences between different languages used.
The IPA is used when describing the phonetics of Turkic languages.

Yiddish Turkic Russian Ukrainian Belarussian
kabák (m,-n) - squash,pumpkin qabaq - pumpkin,squash кабачок - squash кабак - pumpkin
kavene - watermelon qawun - melon кавун - watermelon
yarmlke - skullcap yağmurluk - rain covering/canopy ермолка - skullcap
arbes (m,—) - chickpeas
parputšn - slippers
titún - tobacco тютюн - tobacco
pupik (m,-es), gopl (m,-en) - navel *gööpek - navel пупок - navel
?čvok (m,čvekes) - nail
bulbes - potatoes bülbe < Mongolian bölbee - tuber бульба - potatoe

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