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This is a list of classes that I think I'm just about ready and able to teach.

Core Linguistics

Basic Linguistics

  • Introduction to Linguistic Thought (taught once, TAed 3 times)
  • Introduction to the Study of Language (TAed once)
  • Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (taught once, TAed once)

Phonetics / Phonology

  • Introduction to Phonology / Phonological Analysis
  • Introduction to Phonetics / Phonetic Analysis
  • Introduction to Optimality Theory


  • Introduction to Historical Linguistics
  • Contact Linguistics / Language Contact


  • Advanced Socio-Historical Linguistics
  • Sonority and Syllable Margins
  • Vowel Harmony

Area-specific Linguistics

  • Structure of the Turkic Languages
  • Structure of Kyrgyz / Kazakh / etc.
  • Introduction to Turkology
  • Turkic languages and their position among Central Eurasian languages
  • History of the Turkic languages
  • The modern languages of Central Eurasia
  • The Altaic Controversy


  • Kyrgyz (Intro, Intermediate)
  • Kazakh (Intro, Intermediate)
  • Old Turkic


  • Introduction to the Turkic peoples
  • Introduction to the study of Central Asia
    • or History, Cultures, and Customs of Central Asia
  • Modern Central Asia (?)
  • History of the Turkic peoples (?)