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Today is Sunday, 21 April 2024 (UTC)

This is the FireSpeakerWiki, which is located on

FireSpeakerWiki is Jonathan North Washington's personal wiki, and houses projects and random things of his (and of some of his friends). Its main purpose is a staging grounds for future projects—mainly in the form of data collection.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to or poke at whatever's here, but please do so in constructive ways and don't abuse the wiki.

Jonathan's stuff

  • Linguistic Musings - A place where I collect data that I think I might later want to organise and make into something (such as in Topics).
  • Topics - Things I randomly think of that I'd like to research and write papers on but don't have the time for.
  • Projects - Programming projects I'm working on or would like to work on but don't have the time for.
  • Conlangs - Some info about conlangs, and about my conlang projects
  • Resources - DDR steps, keyboard layouts, recipes, and other creative works
  • Categories - Browse the wiki by topic

Other People's stuff

Random Things

Jonathan's Cultural Education