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What is a Conlang Relay?

A conlang relay is a translation relay involving only conlangs.

A translation relay is "a linguistic game in which a text is translated from one language into another, with each subsequent translation relying only on the most recently completed translation. The result is amusingly linguistic and semantic drift." (from's Neologisms).

The idea is that a text is translated by a moderator into their conlang, sent to the next participant in the conlang with reference materials on the conlang, translated by this next participant to their conlang, and sent on in the same process. The last participant sends their translation on to the moderator who makes the final translation. Each translation has a corresponding English translation, which is sent to the moderator. The moderator's job is to organise a compilation of the results.

Past Conlang Relays

Listed are conlang relays, past and present, the Northern Hemispherical seasons they took place, and the moderator