Jonathan and Tristan's Big Phonetic Project

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This page is here for collaboration on Jonathan and Tristan's Big Phonetic Project. Research questions, plans for proceeding, progress, and results will all be posted here.

Research Questions

  1. What are the subjects' phonetic vowel spaces like?


  1. What are [ə] and [ɨ] like in various environments (in open syllables, and closed syllables, closed syllables before labials, etc)?
  2. What is the vowel space like before /ɻ/ codas (does /Vɻ/ count as a nucleus, or a nucleus and a coda? i.e., does it count as a diphthong or not?)


  1. What is the vowel space like before /l/?
  2. What is /k/ like before each vowel? (i.e. is there a categorical distinction of front vs back /k/, or is it gradient?)

What needs to be done


  • divide recordings into files by page
  • choose which repetitions of what to measure (middle 3 of total 5 tokens per word?)

Phonetic Vowel Space

  • Things we want to know about each vowel:
    • F1, F2, length, diphthongisation
    • and on a whim: F0 (voicing?), F3 (ɻ/ø)
  • So we need to measure:
    • length
    • F0 at start
    • F1 at start
    • F2 at start
    • F3 at start
    • F0 at middle
    • F1 at middle
    • F2 at middle
    • F3 at middle
    • F0 at end
    • F1 at end
    • F2 at end
    • F3 at end

Random Decisions

  • Jonathan's /Vɻ/ clusters get measured as both VV and VC

Fields for storage of extracted data

  • unique id; e.g. "JNWroses3"
  • word in use; e.g. "roses"
  • thing being measured (with phonemic transcription?); e.g. "ɨ (/ɻoz+ɨz/?)"
  • all measured fields above; e.g. F0start: "150Hz"

Settings for measuring

  • Measure downsampled mono audio @ 11025Hz
  • Formant tracker settings: ... (coming soon)
  • Pitch tracker settings: ... (coming soon)
  • Script used: ... (coming soon)
  • Method:
    1. Select vowel range, or vowel + offset range (both for some words)
    2. Run script
    3. Throw numbers into spreadsheet
    4. Repeat on next item



To do

  • (both) Decide on data storage medium gnumeric
    • test gnumeric's python API
  • (both) Divide recordings into pages and standardise numbering; e.g. JNWp2, TAMp5
  • (JNW) Write praat script
  • (both) measure!
  • (JNW) Write gnuplot graphing script



Word list compilation

Does voicing make a difference (onsets) Does labial vs. glottal make a difference (onsets)


hid heed heared head haired had sad hayed how'd hud hard hide hod hawed hoed horde/whored hoyed hood who'd herd/heard


hit heat -- (pierce) het -- ! hat -- (ass, marginal) hate -- (bout) hut heart height hot -- (oat, boat) aught (bought) -- (hort, Ort, port) hoyt -- (foot) hoot hurt


hill heal -- hell -- !(peril) -- ! -- (pal/Hal/Al) hail/hale/ale/ail/bail/bale/ howl hull -- (doll) -- (snarl/Carl) -- (pile/bile/isle/while) -- (poll/pole) whole/hole/bowl hall -- (boil) -- (pull/bull) -- (pool) hurl


kid key keyed -- (gear) -- (get) cared cat, can (aux.) can (n.) k (i.e. name of the letter, kay) cow cud card kite -- (kai) cod code cawed call/called coy could cooed curd

Final Wordlist

page 1

magic rosa's at real oat heed can (aux.) hull while (conj.) boat head could hod hod heart had code curd bile bout kai who'd while (conj.) vision hammock

page 2

turnip roses key kai hill ail hot hoyed hot heat hort bale curd Carl hurl head who'd oat aught can (aux.) there'll Ort hard vision sulk

page 3

bottom rosa's hard pile bought Carl horde hayed hoyed pal bail cawed can (n.) snarl cod pierce het port cawed hawed hale height whole magic hammock

page 4

turnip tooth card ass (=arse, !donkey) poll how'd hoyt hall howl gear whored Ort pierce hawed aught hawed hell bought hoed hall foot how'd pool rosa's roses

page 5

magic tooth hud boat hid coy heat Hal Carl there'll doll whored kid hoed hayed heal who'd bail hard hut hoyt hairt called rosa's after

page 6

roses vision cawed bail hat cooed get hairt cow hood gear snarl hag hide key hoyed pierce called hill hate cud k (the letter, kay) pierce milk rosa's

page 7

sulk hammock Hal had hit bale heat whored kite horde could hoyed bout can (n.) cared hole hurt hurt hoot hood pall mall pæl mæl port heard tooth vision

page 8

roses milk foot doll can (n.) hot hate hurl hoed bull herd called isle hang bull call hull cod hurl oat Hal cooed hurt rosa rosa's

page 9

milk rosa het coy Al pull pile ass (=arse, !donkey) kai hurt kite hat boat called ail real hood poll card haired curd haired hall milk hammock

page 10

vision magic heared pal boil heard kid cat poll pole hide hoot bale pall mall pæl mæl bile herd bowl poll could cared call cow k (the letter, kay) magic rosa

page 11

bottom milk hide call pole call cared cud port hort ass (=arse, !donkey) bale hoed hit pole hort hell pile hail hid heart het bail milk rosa

page 12

bottom sulk heared hag ass (=arse, !donkey) hill height coy snarl bout hut cooed hoed herd hail pool hail hag hairt heat doll foot port tooth tooth

page 13

after tooth kai boat keyed cow horde cud bowl hill hate called hood bowl hull heart whole hut pull while (conj.) hell card hoyt rosa's magic

page 14

hammock rosa hale bowl cawed Ort cod there'll port cat call who'd heed herd heed bull key boil howl bale can (n.) heard het sulk after

page 15

rosa turnip heal k (the letter, kay) kite heart can (aux.) aught get cat hud card hayed cooed head het heed haired hard haired could hot cow turnip magic

page 16

bottom tooth pall mall pæl mæl hell hid bile boil hurt bail oat hole hoot hit cat haired howl hairt cod cared hud hawed code Al bottom hammock

page 17

tooth hammock gear had horde keyed howl k (the letter, kay) hawed hoot kid sad poll coy Al keyed cud snarl heal snarl get kid head magic bottom

page 18

hammock tooth code heed whored doll heard Carl hot could Ort there'll pile hole ale cared cooed heared Hal hale horde while (conj.) isle vision milk

page 19

milk tooth Al hud hang ale pull hut doll pile ale hate aught can (aux.) isle bile cow get bought pierce Hal while (conj.) hail sulk tooth

page 20

rosa's bottom key gear Carl hat pull hayed hang gear hang hull pal kid hard coy bout hag who'd hole hairt height hod turnip hammock

page 21

turnip magic hod hort pull code heart isle can (n.) bile how'd keyed hoyt hate hat head hoyed height ale herd hide howl hag hammock milk rosa's

page 22

rosa pool bull had height isle aught ail hit curd real Al sad pool hell ass (=arse, !donkey) hort heal pole hull cawed hit after bottom

page 23

milk milk hide pal cod there'll cud heard heared hale key hat sad boil whole ale how'd get hayed hall Ort hang boat rosa vision

page 24

bottom roses hail sad pall mall pæl mæl bought hall heat ail heared card real hole ail hid kai kite heal foot real bought pall mall pæl mæl hod rosa rosa

page 25

turnip milk whole pool hid oat pal hoot foot hurl whole pole bowl can (aux.) sad curd hud code how'd hut hill hurl kite after rosa

page 26

bottom magic hood k (the letter, kay) hoyt bout whored had bull boil keyed hale