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There is a recent internet meme, e.g.:

The plan

There needs to be a "linguist" version of this. My current idea is the following:

  1. What my friends think I do: [depict someone correcting what someone else is saying]
  2. What my mom thinks I do: [depict someone backpacking through a jungle?]
  3. What the media thinks I do: [depict a military interpreter?]
  4. What society thinks I do: [depict someone speaking a bunch of languages; maybe via a speech bubble with apertium box contents? :-P ]
  5. What I think I do: [depict world-saving science with some laboratory scene]
  6. What I really do: [depict paper-writing / actual linguistics research with a bunch of books and articles and stuff, or maybe a spreadsheet full of data]

The best would be if these were all somehow pictures of linguists, especially the same linguist :-P

This is starting to get there:

Picture sourcing