Linux on Averatec 2300

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These are some notes I have about getting Debian GNU/linux working with my Averatec 2300 series notebook.


  • Debian testing (Etch) netinst CD for amd64 (official snapshot). Can be found here, I think.
  • I had issues with some other installers. They kernel panicked or couldn't find the hard drive due to lack of the right SATA controller and stuff.



  • Any (recent?) amd64-k8-smp flavour kernel should work great.


  • NVidia GeForce Go 6100
  • The latest stable release from NVidia (8776) didn't work right, but the latest beta (9626) seems to work great
  • See xorg.conf file


  • Realtek ALC262 chip
  • kernel driver: snd_hda_intel

Input devices


  • Trackpad: synaptics driver
  • See xorg.conf file


  • My Wacom Graphire finally worked after a lot of poking. There was an issue with different versions of xorg's drivers (including the wacom one), due to an issue in debian testing. I had to change to a new mirror to get the latest version of Etch and then update.
  • See the Linx Wacom Project for more details
  • See my xorg.conf file


  • I made myself an international Latin + international Cyrillic keyboard. See my .xmodmap file.

Suspend / Hibernate

I'm still having issues with this. Suspend2Ram works out of the box with -f, but only once or twice before it either doesn't come up, or lots of stuff doesn't work when it does. Alsa has to be force-reloaded. I fixed my alsa init script and my /etc/powersave/sleep file to work together on this, but I still need to test it a little more rigourously.