MySQL collation for Kyrgyz

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This page provides a UCA collation for Kyrgyz in mysql. The UCA itself was built using guidelines found on mysql's webiste, links from there, and some bugging of people on IRC (thanks), and a certain amount of experimenting.

The collation should go in the unicode character set definition in /usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml:

<charset name="utf8">
  <collation name="utf8_cyr_kir" id="244">
      <reset before="primary">\u04A3</reset>
      <reset before="primary">\u043F</reset>
      <reset before="primary">\u0444</reset>
      <reset before="primary">\u0451</reset>

The id can be anything from 0 to 255, but it should be unique. The mysql process will have to be restarted after modifying the file. The collation can then be applied to a table.

For reference, the characters translate as follows:

reference = →before =
u04A3 ң u043E о
u043F п u04E9 ө
u0444 ф u04AF ү
u0451 ё u0435 е