Quick and easy Stir-fry

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Preparation / Ingredients

  • Underboil ~½lb of spaghetti noodles, strain
  • Peel and dice a potato (along with an onion, probably is good)
  • Mix together 2tbsp soy sauce, 2tbsp water (or broth), 1tbsp vinaigre, 1tbsp of ambient wine, a pinch of brown sugar, ½tbsp of real maple syrup, ½tbsp of sriracha, and 1tsp cornmeal into a bowl or something
  • Mix together a variety of spices (lemon pepper, garlic, ginger, corriander, tumeric, mustard seed, paprika, salt) into another bowl or something
  • Other things you'll want before you fry:
    • [grapeseed] oil
    • (an egg)


  1. Heat big skillet (wok is better), add [grapeseed] oil
  2. When oil is hot, mix spice mixture into the oil
  3. Add potato (and onion), let fry a little
  4. (Probably a good time to crack an egg into the pan and let mix in and fry)
  5. Add frozen veggies [broccoli], mix and let sizzle and steam a little
  6. Add noodles, and on top, add soy-sauce mix
  7. Stir-fry until potatoes are fully cooked. Add a little more water (with a little salt and garlic or other additional spices mixed in) and/or soy sauce if the noodles start to dry out before everything's fully cooked.
  8. Let cool down a bit (not too much) and eat.


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