Snack Tortilla Española

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This is a nummy omellete that makes a large snack, small meal, or good side dish.


  • a few splashes of olive oil or almond oil (or both)
  • half a large onion, diced
  • diced potato (for best cooking, probably in the form of sliced-in-half cubes)
  • tumeric, garlic powder, lemon pepper, some spicy stuff (Tony's, Thai seasoning, etc)
  • some water
  • 4 eggs
  • several splashes of barely-still-good milk
  • several large spoonfuls of defrosted frozen spinach


  • Splash some oil in small skillet, sautée onions on medium heat; about half way before they're transparent, add the potatoes. Add spices, mix, continue to sautée. Once the onions become transparent, add water—just enough to cover the layer of onions and potatoes in the skillet, and no more. Turn heat up a little, enough to bring water to a boil, and wait until the mixture in the skillet becomes somewhat slimy or pasty, but not dry.
  • Meanwhile, beat eggs together and add milk and spinach.
  • Splash some oil into a larger skillet, add results of previous steps (in order), and cook on medium-to-low heat (or however you cook omelletes—this is always the hardest part for me) until solid.
  • Enjoy!