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Hi. Random visitor here. What the hell is "[Æ]"? I haven't seen that appearing on any phonetic alphabet anywhere. And on the English vowels page, you even contrast it with [æ]. So what's the difference?

This is a good question. I should put a page up on this when I have time.. It's a "tense æ" basically, and is talked about in the literature as such, but I haven't ever seen it qualified beyond that. I'll get some spectrograms up soon. Btw, you should leave a link where I can contact you next time ;) —Firespeaker 03:13, 3 Mar 2006 (PST)
Actually, I just made some constrastive spectrograms. They'll be up at Æ soon. —Firespeaker 03:27, 3 Mar 2006 (PST)