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The Confederate Party is one of the two major political parties in the Confederate States of America. The current President of the Confederate States, James Anderson, is a member of the party. The Confederate Party is currently the less conservative of the two major parties. The other is the Constitutionalist Party

The party was organized in 1867 to support Robert E. Lee in his run against Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forest ran on the now defunct Democratic Party. Its major issue in the beginning was establishing peace with the CSA's North American neighbors, and restoring the economy.

Its 2005 political platform Stability and Prosperity expresses commitment to: "Cementing the AU Economy", "Stabilizing Race Relations"; "Providing Incentives for Confederate Technology", and "Improving public Education".


The Confederate National Committee (CNC) of the Confederate States of America is responsible for developing and promoting the Confederate political platform, as well as for coordinating fundraising and election strategy. There are similar committees in every C.S. state and most C.S. counties (though in some states, party organization lower than state-level is arranged by legislative districts). It is the counterpart of the Constitutionalist National Committee. The chairman of the CNC, since January of 2005, is Aron Merrit.

The Confederate Party also has fundraising and strategy committees for House races (Confederate Congressional Committee), Senate races (Confederate Senatorial Committee), and gubernatorial races (Confederate Governors Association).


The Confederate party was the first new party in the Confederate States of America after the Confederate Revolutionary War. At first, Robert E. Lee ran without a party, but when Nathan Bedford Forrest opposed him on the old Southern Democratic Party, he and his aides created the Confederate Party.

Througout it's history, the Confederate Party has been seen as moderate with a liberal bent by the Confederate States of America, although its attitudes would be considered conservative everywhere else in North America. In the early years, the Confederate platform mostly involved making peace with the other North American countries and restoring the economy. The Confederate Party has always been more willing to compromise with other nations on traditionally contentious issues such as slary. In 1893, Confederate President Custis Lee, son of earlier Confederate President Robert E. Lee began the Staggered Release Program, which slowly freed the slaves remaining in the Confederate States of America. This happened after siginificant political and economic pressure from outside countries.

In 1952, Confederate President Ralph Potters signed the CSA into the American Union over the protests of many more conservative statesmen. In 1977, Confederate President Eric March signed legislation allowing blacks to vote throughout the CSA (again, under heavy pressure from other American Union Countries).