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About Conlangs

Conlanging has been referred to as the artistic side of linguistics, just as music is the artistic side of music theory (see David Peterson's Conlanging Manifesto, a copy of which can be found on Jesse Bangs' conlang site). I won't go into the reasons for conlanging here, as those are discussed quite nicely there in form that's much better structured than anything I'd put here.

Conlanging has also been referred to as "hypothetical linguistics."

My Personal Conlangs

I've involved myself in a handful of conlanging projects, most of which I've long since lost interest in continuing the development of. I always have at least one project sitting on a platter in front of me, however. The following details my past projects. There will be links soon.

Constructed Languages

The following are the conlang projects I've been involved with, when, and the included subprojects:

  • Deviasew (1997 - 2000?) - Deviasew, Deviäs'w
  • Espanzë (early 1998 - early 2000) - Espançais, Espanzë
  • Deymual (1998 - 2000) - Deymual, Deymûl, Dda difii, Ða difî
  • Tûsyelan (late-mid 2000 - early-mid 2002) - Tûsyelan, Tïsjelán
  • Tjelwu (mid 2002 - 2007~2008) - Tēlvo, Tielvo, Tjelwu/Čelwu, Tæĺf, Θywǵø

Constructed Orthographies